California: Tell Your Lawmakers to Support Vital Broadband Investment

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced his plans for the state’s multi-billion dollar surplus and federal recovery dollars, including a massive, welcome $7 billion investment in public broadband infrastructure. It's a plan that would give California one of the largest public broadband fiber networks in the country. As the legislature continues to hammer out the specifics of the state budget, they need to hear from you that this is a top priority.

If Californians want cheap, symmetrical (fast uploads as well as downloads) gigabit (and beyond) internet at their homes and businesses, we must get our state legislature to pass this infrastructure plan next month. Otherwise, most of us will remain trapped in a cable monopoly market paying 200% to 300% above competitive rates for our sluggish broadband service. Worse yet, when the next generation of applications and services requiring symmetrical gigabit, 10 gigabit, and even 100 gigabit speeds are developed in the coming years, Californians will be frozen out of them altogether.

At that point, the "digital divide" will be joined by a "speed chasm" in broadband access. We risk a major drag on our state's economic development. We can avoid that risk! All we need is a long-term, future-proof investment in our communities and a law stating the obvious: all Californians deserve 21st-century internet access.

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