Support Broadband Access for All Californians

California is facing a broadband access crisis. This has only become more apparent in light of the pandemic, as parents rely more on the Internet every day trying to keep their jobs in the midst of the pandemic while remotely educating their kids.

The people of California need help, and the state should move forward now to begin the work needed to finally close the digital divide. Now it is time to rally Sacramento to get these changes made into law and start eliminating the digital divide.  

S.B. 4 - Broadband for All would give the state a workable plan to invest in fiber optic infrastructure—the only data infrastructure proven to last that long, and remain useful as an asset for decades to come.

California’s current system for funding is not up to the demands of the state today. A recent study found that California is the state with the largest number of students in the United States that lack sufficient access to broadband. It’s clearly time for a new solution. But the California legislature has not acted to provide help for the more than 1 million students lacking sufficient Internet access to engage in remote education, or for the countless other Californians relying on their home access to engage in remote work. 

Tell your lawmakers to support S.B. 4 and set the state on a path to close the digital divide once and for all.

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