Massachusetts: End Government Face Surveillance

Update: Gov. Baker has returned bill S. 2963 to the Massachusetts legislature, and has completely removed Section 26.

EFF supports Section 26 of S. 2963, which would end as we know it government use of face surveillance in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Face surveillance is a menace to privacy, free speech, and racial justice. We urge you to tell your senators and representatives to override Governor Baker's decision to remove Section 26.

Governments should immediately stop use of face surveillance in our communities, given what researchers have found about its high error rates—particularly for women and people of color. But even if manufacturers someday mitigate these risks, government use of face recognition technology will threaten safety and privacy, amplify discrimination in our criminal justice system, and chill every resident’s free speech.

Section 26 of S. 2963 gives Massachusetts an important chance to enact the first statewide measure of its kind, and curb government use of this dangerous technology. This is a critical issue and it cannot wait. Ask your lawmakers to reject Gov. Baker's amendments to this bill and pass the language agreed to in conference and previously approved by both chambers.

This action is no longer active.

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