California: Don't Let the Legislature Abandon Oversight of Broadband Monopolies

At a time when we are fighting to keep the future of broadband access from reverting back towards a monopoly, the recently introduced A.B. 1366 mirrors the FCC’s abandonment of consumers.

Tell California's lawmakers to oppose A.B. 1366, and instead promote competition and access to help California push back against broadband monopoly.

Apart from the net neutrality protections that Californians fought for last year, A.B. 1366 abandons any semblance of the state promoting competition for broadband access through its state regulator, the California Public Utility Commission. Instead, it appears to just hope that our cable monopolies will be benevolent.

This bill promotes the theory that we do not need a plan to ensure universally available, affordable, and high-speed networks. That’s the exact opposite of what our elected leaders in California, and the rest of the country, need to propose. We need a plan to boost competition for high-speed broadband, as the current “no plan” approach is setting us up for failure.

No other country ahead of the United States on broadband access has adopted that theory. Instead, their governments aggressively supported competition by addressing monopoly choke points and other barriers to entry. As a result, their citizens will benefit from aggressive rollouts of gigabit fiber networks. The FCC has already made this mistake. California should not follow.

Speak out now to tell legislators to stop California from limiting broadband competition and access. Oppose A.B. 1366.

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