California: Tell Your Legislators to Stand Up for Privacy

Californians have a constitutional right to privacy, and it’s time for companies using secretive practices to make money off of our personal information to treat it that way—as private.

Everyone should be able to know exactly which companies have received information about them, be able to enforce their own privacy rights, and be assured that companies cannot punish someone for exercising their right to privacy.

Tell your lawmakers to support both Assemblymember Buffy Wicks's privacy bill A.B. 1760, “Privacy for All”—which would give everyone the knowledge and protection to defend their privacy rights—and Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson's S.B. 561, to give the Attorney General's Office and all Californians tools needed to enforce privacy rights.

Wicks's bill makes sure that everyone can learn which companies have received their personal information through a sale or other form of sharing. A.B. 1760 also requires that all companies that share data, as well as those that sell it, are required to get opt-in consent to do so. This law helps people become aware of the myriad ways personal information is shared in the modern digital world. And it ensures that companies cannot punish people for exercising their right to privacy, by imposing a higher price or inferior service.

Jackson's S.B. 561, meanwhile, ensures the Attorney General's Office has tools needed to protect our privacy. It also establishes a crucial power for all of us: the right to act as our own privacy enforcers. With a private right of action, this bill ensures that every person can go to court to hold companies accountable when they violate the law and refuse to respect our rights.

Privacy is not a right reserved only for the rich and we need to be able to defend our own right to privacy. Speak out now to demand that California guarantee everyone’s right to privacy and pass A.B. 1760 and S.B. 561.

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